Putting the Pieces Together


by Creation Ministries International

Where: Little Britain Community Baptist Church

When: Thursdays – April 27 – June 1  –  7:00 – 8:30 pm


The Christian worldview, as presented in the Bible, has been dangerously undermined by the pervasive teaching of evolution in our western culture. There have been serious consequences for people both inside and outside of the church. 

“Putting the Pieces Together” is a comprehensive 6-part video teaching series that presents a fully integrated Christian worldview. 

This video teaching and discussion time will help you to: 

* See that the Bible is relevant to all subjects, not just faith.

* Develop critical thinking skills to evaluate your worldview.

* Understand and defend biblical faith.

* Uphold the authority of the Word of God.

* Have a greater impact in today’s increasingly secularized and anti-Christian culture for Christ.

Session 1: Teaching the Christian Worldview

Session 2: Six Days and the True History of the Universe

Session 3: After their Kind: Key to Understanding Living Things

Session 4: Fossils, the Flood and Earth Science

Session 5: Dinosaurs: Applying the Integrated Biblical Worldview

Session 6: Answering the Most Asked Questions

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