1914 Whiteside Memorial Window

         This memorial window was placed by the R. F. Whiteside family in 1914 when the 1850 church building under went major renovations.  At that time the old church  building was turned to face the road, a 12 foot extension added, the cellar dug, modern seating installed, a bell hung in the belfry and memorial windows installed.  This the largest, most ornate thus preeminent of the stained glass windows added faced west in the original placement.  The major inscription on the bottom of the window reads; “Search the Scriptures Daily”.

             Robert Ferguson Whiteside Senior (1805-1876) came to Little Britain in 1842, purchasing a 200 acre property on the northwest side of the four corners of the settlement.   Out of this property he donated the land on which the old church and cemetery sit in 1850.  It was his son, Robert Ferguson, Junior (1846-1942) who donated the memorial stained-glass window and the parsonage which served many of the churches pastors.  R. F. Whiteside’s grandson John Jacob William Willard Ferguson Whiteside (1898 – 1933) died young and was buried as are his father and grandfather in the Christian Cemetery on the land donated by Whiteside Sr.  It was John’s daughter Margot Whiteside who gave permission for the restoration and move of this window in 2015.

       October of 2015 saw the congregation vote positively for the removal, restoration and reinstallation of the window into the new church’s sanctuary.  The ensuing year was spent in the collection of donations from God’s people to fund the project,  The result was that in thus October of 2016, the window was carefully removed from its former site in the Old Church Building, in five sections, and sent to the restoration experts.  Then in January 2017 restoration completed, the revitalized window was returned and has become a beautiful historic addition to our sanctuary.


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