Small Groups 2018

small groups

40 Days of Prayer

with Rick Warren

Most people are struggling with some difficult situation or circumstance. They need a breakthrough in their life. Whether it’s praying for a breakthrough in marriages, health, finances, or relationships, persistent prayer is how God moves to transform people’s lives.    Breakthroughs always begin with prayer

This study on prayer will help you to:

  • Pray for a breakthrough
  • Develop a daily habit of prayer
  • Understand the secret to answered prayer
  • Experience God’s blessings
  • Grow closer in unity with others in the community of faith

Session One: The Purpose of Prayer
Session Two: How to Pray with Confidence
Session Three: The Pattern for Prayer – Part One
Session Four: The Pattern for Prayer – Part Two
Session Five: Praying for a Breakthrough
Session Six: How to Pray in a Crisis
Session Seven: Why Doesn’t God Always Answer the First Time I Pray?

When:  Bi-Weekly on Thursday evenings, from 7:30-9:00 pm.

Beginning Date: Thursday, February 1, 2018.

Where: At the home of Pastor Jim 20 Thrushwood Trail, Lindsay
(One block south of Kent St., off Angeline St., turn right at Broad St., turn right at Thrushwood Trail, arrive at #20 on the right.)

If you are interested, please sign up in the church foyer.

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